Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enjoy The Google Buzz

. Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another new service from Google was launched. Having failed to beat facebook with Orkut, Google's try their luck with Google Buzz . They expect to be able to compete with facebook and twitter -as the most popular social networking sites today- by launch this new service.

With Google Buzz users can update their status, share web links or photos with friends directly through the Gmail service. This feature is also compatible for mobile devices based on Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Many features of Google Buzz tempting potential Internet users. For example, published status messages are automatically indexed and available in real-time search results of Google. This may be very attractive to bloggers. Content can be shared easily in a variety of Google's online products such as Picasa and YouTube.

Social networking becomes a very important site and grabs a lot of parties. Maybe Yahoo and Microsoft also will make this type of site in the future.

Let's try and be socialized :)

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Just Lucky or not


If you saw the match Aston Villa vs Manchester United which ended 1-1, you saw two goals were created by the Aston Villa's player. Man united can equalize from Aston Villa's defender blunders. Manchester United have got 10 own goal from their rivals. Is this coincidence?

At Villa Park Stadium- Birmingham, Man United had fallen 0-1 from Aston Villa on 19' by Carlos Cuellar. But on 23 minutes, Nani send passing to Ryan Giggs in the penalty box. Giggs then went on to cross into the middle. But the ball was on Villa's defender foot, James Collins, who poked the ball into his own net. This is the tenth own goal for Man United score this season.

Just lucky? I don't think so. If you send the ball into the right area, a defender would be difficult to anticipate. Send the ball between goalkeeper and defender, it is possible to achieve your teammates. If not, it will also create problems for the defender, and maybe, we got lucky because the defender put the ball into their own goal.
There are a lot of luck in this world, but if not, we ourselves must work at.

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