Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Venus and Jupiter Look more Clearly Tonight

. Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A rare opportunity to see the two most luminous planets, Venus and Jupiter, appear side by side in the night sky will occur for two consecutive days, the astronomers said.

On a clear night sky from March 12 to 14, sky observers could reach out and see the two planets were in close distance, about three degrees, despite the fact that their distance apart in space.
Venus will be much brighter than Jupiter as it gets twice as much light from the Sun and 50 times more intense of the sun that shines in Jupiter, according to Sky & Telescope magazine.

Venus is also seven times closer to Earth than Jupiter - the largest of the two planets, and probably will appear two times larger than Venus.

After March 14, Jupiter will not look down until after sunset in mid-April.

Moon will appear in 25 and March 26, with a sickle shape and close to the position of Jupiter in the first night, especially in North America, and Venus in the second night.

To see a live picture of the two planets were captured by the telescope Slooh, you can go to the site

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