Monday, August 29, 2011

US Open Grand Slam Tournament will still be Held

. Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene was passing through New York does not cause significant damage in the arena of the ongoing U.S. Open grand slam tournament.

The last Grand slam of the year will still take place as scheduled on Monday (29 / 8). Although back two hours, the first match will take place at Arthur Ashe Stadium at 1pm.

While the entrance of Billie Jean King tennis center will be open to the public at 10 am.

Several seeded players who will play there the first day include eighth seed Mardy Fish who face Tobias Kamke and third seed Roger Federer will play Colombian Santiago Giraldo.

Schedule of matches:
Arthur Ashe Stadium:
Tobias Kamke (GER) v Mardy Fish (USA x8)
Heather Watson (GBR) v Maria Sharapova (RUS x3)
Vesna Dolonts (RUS) v Venus Williams (USA)
Roger Federer (SUI x3) v Santiago Giraldo (COL)

Louis Armstrong Stadium
Ryan Harrison (USA) v Marin Cilic (CRO x27)
Petra Kvitova (CZE x5) v Alexandra Dulgheru (ROM)
Stephanie Foretz-Gacon (FRA) v Vera Zvonareva (RUS x2)
Marion Bartoli (FRA x8) v Alexandra Panova (RUS)

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Irene Hurricane Disrupt Flight Schedules


Hurricane Irene which hit the east coast of the United States impact on the closure of a number of the busiest airports in the country. As a result, there was a cancellation of about more than 8 thousand flight schedule this weekend.

As reported by AFP on Sunday (08/28/2011), along the U.S. east coast region suffered power outages after the hurricane Irene. As many as 2 million people forced to evacuate, where the half comes from the state of New Jersey.

Also quite a large impact on the operational means of mass transportation. In addition to the subway and the bus is not enabled, the airport also closed.

Super busy airports in New York City, like John F. Kennedy International (JFK) Airport, LaGuardia and Newark have stopped the activity of its flights since Saturday (27 / 8), at 22.00 local time. All three airports are declared to be closed until Monday (29 / 8).

To quote site that tracks the arrival and departure of each flight in the U.S.,,on Saturday (27 / 8), reported that total cancellation has reached 9664 flight schedule. With details, as many as 3790 flight cancellations occurred on Saturday (27 / 8) and as many as 5874 the cancellation occurs on Sunday (28 / 8). Most are domestic flights and the number continues to increase.

As for Saturday (27 / 8), there were 976 flights at JFK Airport, 855 flights at Newark airport, and 433 canceled flights at LaGuardia airport. And as many as 293 flights at Philadelphia International Airport (Pennsylvania) and 308 flights at the airport in Baltimore / Washington International had also canceled.

For Sunday (28 / 8), there were 1277 flights at JFK airport, Newark airport flights in 1198, and 1008 flights were canceled at LaGuardia airport. The rest, as many as 985 flights at Philadelphia International Airport (Pennsylvania) and 613 flights at Logan International Airport Boston (Massachusetts) is also canceled.

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Irene Hurricane Sweeps New York


Irene hurricane finally hit the state of New York on Sunday (28 / 8) morning local time. Skyscrapers buildings in Manhattan, New York City, hit by a super strong winds, and even floods threaten the financial area of the 'Big Apple'.

Accompanied by heavy rain, thunder and high winds, Irene storm strucks New York with an ever-increasing speed. From the initial speed of 80 km / h, the speed of hurricane Irene continues to rise at dawn to 128 km / hour.

New York which is known as the 'city that never sleeps', this time just like a ghost town. Because, as many as 370 thousand citizens have been evacuated to avoid flooding will occur. Region office on Wall Street and Coney Island was deserted and silent.

The whole mass transportation is also not operating. Subway, bus, and even ferry to the famous Staten Island also have not operated. Not behind airports in New York-JFK airport- which has been notoriously busy, also closed due to hurricane Irene.

Not visible activity of the citizens of New York City, which is always busy as usual. Hurricane Irene managed to paralyze the largest city in the United States.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a press conference, urged citizens of New York to stay in their homes and do not push yourself to go out of town. According to him, fled from the hurricane Irene is not possible.

Meanwhile, authorities in New York says that the greatest danger from storm Irene is the coming flood. Therefore, the flooding that may occur due to the rain typical of tropical regions with high rainfall, coupled with the tide of seawater pushed a great wind from the Atlantic Ocean, especially on Sunday mornings.

The areas prone to flood namely financial district in Manhattan, near the coastal areas like Brooklyn and Queens, and Long Island. Local officials urged residents to stay away from the beach.

Meanwhile, the Manhattan district officials said the damage to the buildings of skyscrapers in Manhattan would not be too serious. More important is the impact of power outages that allows citizens to live in darkness without light, water or can not use the elevator.

The death toll from Hurricane Irene in the United States (U.S.) continues to grow. The last data mentioned, 14 people died from the natural disaster. The number was revised from an earlier 15 people were killed. New Jersey Governor Chris Christi had announced there are two people were killed in the region: consists of one woman and one member of the fire department.

However, as reported by AFP on Monday (8/29/2011), Chris rectify his statement. There was only one death in New Jersey, because later it was revealed that firefighters were still alive.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Virginia Earthquake

. Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale Tuesday afternoon local time, August 23, 2011, rocked the territory of the United States, ranging from Anderson in South Carolina to Toronto, Canada. The shock of earthquake was also felt in the White House, the Pentagon (U.S. Defense Department), and Capitol Hill (Congress Building).

Furor occurred when thousands of workers in the White House, Pentagon, and various skyscrapers buildings in New York City run came pouring out. In fact, employees at the Pentagon had thought there were terrorist attacks.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the earthquake was centered Louisa, about 64 kilometers north of the City of Richmond, Virginia State, with a depth of nearly 3.7 miles. Two old nuclear reactor that is not far from the epicenter immediately turned off. There is no tsunami early warning as a result of this earthquake.

USGS spokesperson said that this is the strongest quake that struck Virginia since 1897. This is one of the largest earthquake that hit the east coast of America in recent decades. Massive earthquake that ever hit Washington just 3.6 on the Richter Scale on July 16, 2010. So far no reports of casualties or damage except in Virginia.

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M 5.8 Earthquake Rocks Virginia


Magnitude 5.8 Richter scale earthquake occurred Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 01:51 PM at 38 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia. Earthquake rocked the East Coast United States, from Virginia to Boston on, as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake centered in Mineral VA, located 135 km (84 miles) from Washington DC. Its depth reaches 3.7 miles or about 6 km.

Until this news was revealed there has been no reports of casualties or damage. However, the Pentagon and the Capitol building immediately evacuated, as well as buildings in the City of New York. Meanwhile, people were seen running into the street to save themselves.

Magnitude 5.8 Richter scale
Date-Time Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 17:51:04 UTC
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 01:51:04 PM at epicenter
Location 37.936°N, 77.933°W
Depth 6 km (3.7 miles)
Distances 8 km (5 miles) SSW (195°) from Mineral, VA
11 km (7 miles) SSE (148°) from Louisa, VA
29 km (18 miles) NE (45°) from Columbia, VA
61 km (38 miles) NW (317°) from Richmond, VA
135 km (84 miles) SW (217°) from Washington, DC

According to Reuters, ground shaking felt as far to Toronto, Canada.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

9 Types of Attacks That Most Common On Facebook

. Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today. With the popularity of Facebook that crisscross around the world to various groups, the fraudsters also use it for profit. Facebook is now filled with various scams and viruses, with the increasing number of reports of people fooled. If you are a loyal user of Facebook, the following is the ninth most common type of scam is found in Facebook to watch.

1. Clickjacking
Ever seen an application that asks you to write html code in the browser url address? It's called clickjacking. This code makes you grant access to foreign applications for entrance to your Facebook profile, one of their misleading claims such as "Find Out Who's Spying You!"

2. Fake Friend Request
Have got friend requests from strangers who do not you know? This may be due to a bot that is programmed specifically to expand the fraudsters social network for its own purposes. You may think no problem to add new friends, but you do not know is that the fraudsters are maybe looking for a gap to send spam messages or viruses.

3. Phishing
Phishing is an attempt to obtain personal information including credit card information, passwords, and others. The perpetrators usually appear as firm or official website. Some pitfalls of this kind is on Facebook such as appearance Facebook portals that ask you to login again. The best way to identify phishing is to look at the weird url at the url address.

4. Pages, Groups & Events That Suspicious
Many pages created just a scam to get money or collect personal data of users. Making a group on facebook is popular and the fraudsters also noticed this trend. Many of the pages and groups who usually try to cheat you by asking you to invite your friends to join. They offer a variety of gifts and free points when your friends join the group or the quiz. Some groups may even use the name of big companies like Microsoft or Apple in order to look convincing.

5. Fake email from 'Facebook Team'
Ever had received an email stating that the Facebook team want to confirm your security profile? Do not immediately rush back. Facebook's original team is always sending messages and giving an official announcement saying that they will not ask for personal information, confidential data, or your password. If you get an email or Facebook message from the team that asks for a password or personal data, you can be sure that they are fake and is trying to steal your identity.

6. Worms & Viruses
A virus named "Koobface" found spread through the social networking site. Koobface use messaging feature on Facebook to infect computers (PCs), then tries to steal vital information such as credit card numbers. Koobface spreads by sending messages to your friends list tagline. The message, which is one of the subject reads "You look just awesome in this new movie", if clicked would later lead users to a site where a user will be prompted to download a malicious software that masquerades as a Flash Player update.

If the software is downloaded, the computer will be infected with the virus. Worse yet, the computer that is infected can infect other sites when using search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and

7. Western Union Money Scam
One type of scam which most not suspicion is when you receive an email with your friend's name, asking you to immediately transfer the money through Western Union or other transfer methods, by reason of emergency needs. This is the most effective trick, because you will be confused reject it. What if your friend really need help? This way managed to cheat and get a lot of money from Internet users. Beware of scams of this sort and direct confirmation with your friends over the phone.

8. Survey Without Permission
We are used to follow the various surveys and polls on Facebook. There are many game applications that create a poll and give reward points, or improve your status in the game. This kind of quiz is fun, but be careful with this type of discussion or survey that you follow. Some of the survey will lead you out of Facebook and go to the fraud website. There are also requesting you to enter personal information if you want to see the results of the quiz, this information can include phone numbers and others. Reject any application like this, because most of this is just a trick to get your personal data.

9. Dangerous Applications
Malicious applications that often looks like a safe regular application. Appearance of this application looks very similar to the original, complete with pictures and writings that make it look officially. Though the main purpose of this kind of fake applications only allow you to make your profile read by the application. Once you allow access to that application, it will send a variety of fake messages and announcements to your friends.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wedding

. Monday, August 22, 2011

After had passed through the journey of love with Ray J, Reggie Bush, and several other men, and the last Kris Humphries, who managed to walk the aisle with Kim Kardashian. They both were married on Saturday (20/08/2011) night in Montecito, California.

Kim's stepfather, Bruce Jenner to accompany the bride to the altar while the Mason to be the ring bearer for them. Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian to be a bridesmaid along with Kendall, Kylie Jenner, and Humphries' sister, Kaela. While Rob Kardashian attend as bridesmaids men.

Kim Kardashian wore a wedding dress designed by Vera Wang. The dress is ivory colored with a tile as a skirt and lace accents are made by hand. While Kris is wearing a tuxedo and black trousers with shirt and white bow tie from Ermenegildo Zegna.

For the reception, Kim replaced by two other dresses which both are designed by Vera Wang. While Kris wore a black tuxedo, white shirt and black bow tie. Similarly, as reported by Aceshowbiz Sunday (08/21/2011).

The couple exchanged rings from Lorraine Schwartz weighing 20.5 carats and witnessed by about 440 invited guests. Among those present looked Demi Lovato, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Curz, Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough, Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne, Scottie Pippen, and Dina, Ali and Lindsay Lohan.

Marriage is closed to the media. The pictures themselves have been purchased by People for USD 1.5 million. Previously a weekly publication purchased exclusive rights of their engagement last May with a nominal USD 300,000. Then OK! Magazine agreed to an exclusive bridal shower for USD 100,000. And finally for the procession of the wedding, People magazine won the auction with amazing nominal $ 1.5 million.

Fantastic figure was actually able to cover the entire cost of the wedding itself. Wedding reportedly cost "only" half a million dollars. Not only that, Kim Kardashian wedding dress was a gift from Vera Wang. The dress is worth USD 20,000.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rosanne Coker, Daniel Radcliffe's Girlfriend

. Saturday, August 20, 2011

Are you Harry Potter fans? of course you familiar with Daniel Radcliffe, starring Harry Potter. There is latest news about the star, he just showing off his new beautiful girlfriend!

Recently, Daniel Radcliffe looks a walk and took a tenderly hand of a brunette haired girl in New York. And the pretty girl is certainly not just friends!

The name of a very lucky girl to be 'Harry Potter' girlfriend is Rosanne Coker, as reported by Rosanne is the daughter of a painter and decorator in the set of Harry Potter. The couple first met in the movie HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE at 2007, where Rosanne worked as a production assistant.

Since then, both recorded already worked together in four films, including the last three Harry Potter films, and 'The Woman In Black'. In fact they will once again scheduled to meet in 'HAMMER', the film will be released next year.

Daniel Radcliffe - Rosanne Coker Couple began to close and dating last year. In order to build their relationship, Rosanne even has to devote time to stay at her home in Surrey and visited Radcliffe luxury apartments in New York.

Radcliffe himself did not seem shy his proximity to the girl. Last month on a talk show, Radcliffe gave his statement that he is now has a girlfriend, who I loved very much. So well, see where it goes later.

Even this statement in repeated in an interview with GQ magazine, in which Daniel said, "Now I have a girlfriend, has been running eight months."

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let Us Playing Games in Google +

. Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google adding game service on Google+ . Like the Facebook social media, games on Google + can also be played in groups. Although the number of games in the Google + is still small, but the kind of games provided quite interesting. For example, Angry Birds from the Rovio, Blitz Bejeweled from PopCap Games, and Zynga Poker

Yes, Zynga Poker made by Zynga game developer who had established strong ties with Facebook through the game Farmville, CityVille, and Mavia Wars. Zynga name became popular because of various widely used game on Facebook. The company has also been made ​​square off to go public claimed to have earned a profit of U.S. $ 90 million from total sales of U.S. $ 597 million throughout 2010.

Why is Zynga now want to put the game on Google +, which obviously is a Facebook rival? Quoting New York Times report, Google has invested in Zynga.

Google puts the game application at the top of the newsfeeds feature. Here, the user can choose a circle of friends which they would like to invite to play. This is one of the advantages of Google + which has not owned by Facebook.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chinese Aircraft Carrier

. Sunday, August 14, 2011

China's first aircraft carrier, Shi Lang, which conducted its first sea trial to simulate landing fighter jets on Saturday (13 / 8) The Global Times reported.

Landing fighter jets carried out when weather conditions allow, but fighter jets take off in a moment near the aircraft carrier replaced the real landing, according to trusted sources quoted by The Global Times, Friday (12 / 8). The source adds jet fighter that used the local production of J-15 Flying Shark.

This simulation aimed to test the radar system and an optical landing aircraft carrier, after leaving the Dalian shipyard to begun sea trials. A Public Relations staff of the Ministry of National Defense declined to comment on the news the Global Times, he said there was no news about the aircraft carrier.

Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration made announcement Wednesday (10 / 8), prohibiting navigation and radio communications at a radius of 31.5 miles on Saturday (13 / 8) around the Bohai Sea Northeast. This led to speculation fighter jets will be tested on the carrier.

A few days earlier, August 10, 2011, China's first aircraft carrier, Shi Lang, left its shipyard at Dalian Port in northeast Liaoning Province on Wednesday (10 / 8) morning to start its first sea trial.

Chinese military sources said the first cruise in accordance with the schedule and did not take long. After returning from the sail aircraft carrier will in the refit and re-tested.

Aircraft carrier was originally built by the former Soviet Union and named Varyag. Construction began in the era-1980 and was discontinued in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union. Varyag was placed at the shipyard in Ukraine and was bought by a Chinese company based in Macao worth 20 million dollars in 1998.

The company claims Varyag converted into floating casino. Aircraft carrier arrived in Dalian shipyard for repair in March 2002, is expected to be operated the Navy around 2012.

China bought the ship without the machinery, weapons systems or other critical marine equipment. According to the news, China plans to buy four more aircraft carriers to strengthen their military.

Ships that do not yet given an official name, has made its first sea trial. Beijing says the ship will be used for training and research. China's ambition to operate the aircraft carrier sparked concerns from the neighboring countries. It is not free from tensions in the South China Sea.

Over the last few years, China is involved in the dispute territory along the South China Sea with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

(Photo sources: and Xinhua)

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Face in the Clouds in New Brunswick

. Friday, August 12, 2011

Contents in this video will look like the special effects of Hollywood. But this phenomenon does occur in Grand Falls- New Brunswick, Canada.

In the video uploaded by 'denisfarmer' on on Aug 1, 2011 at YouTube which is also uploaded to, it appears the clouds are moving fast as they are commonly occurs in a big storms. At that moment, a facial profile appeared...OMG

Even, it resembles the face of the President of the United States, 16 Abraham Lincoln. Clouds that are rapidly changing and growing up to bring those face. In addition, it takes a little luck to see these clouds as the face. Because, for people with Pareidolia, the technical trend of the same brain looks for patterns in random objects, will not recognize the face. However, humans are generally accustomed to seeing the face.

How do you think? Very interesting, right?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jennifer Aniston is Planning to Get Married

. Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux is planning to get married. They also want to have children soon. This idea came upon their return from a vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.

A source quoted from the pages of Us Magazine, Wednesday, August 10, 2011 said that They are planning a family. She (Aniston) is to feel anxious about life after this. She felt this was the right time to make it happen. They both wanted to make it happen.

Her desire was welcomed by her partner. Theroux agreed Aniston idea to have a baby. To realize her dream; Aniston ensure that her body in prime condition to conceive. She doing detoxification with frequent yoga also employs a cook, said the source.

The friends of Aniston are not surprised by the idea that seemed in a hurry to become a mother. She never felt like this against a man before, since splitting from Brad Pitt. Many times dating a guy, always ended in separation. They seem in a hurry, but each knew that they loved each other, added a friend of Aniston.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Deadliest Crash Killed 25 Navy SEALs

. Monday, August 8, 2011

Mystery of the fall of U.S. helicopters in Afghanistan, which killed 38 people in it, began to lift. Local government spokesman and commander of Afghan forces in the area said the helicopter crashed after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) fired by Taliban. The incident is the deadliest single incident for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. NATO claimed that the cause of crash has still under investigation. But it is believed the helicopter was shot down

The death toll was composed of 31 U.S. soldiers and seven Afghan soldiers. Overall inside the Chinook helicopter that would take them home after an operation to complete. According to ABC News, as many as 25 U.S. soldiers who were killed were members of the elite Navy SEALs. a U.S. official said, some U.S. soldiers who were killed are members of Navy SEALs Team 6. None of those killed were part of the troops who carried out attacks against Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan in May.

According to the Taliban before, they were running the operation raid a house where Taliban in the gathering of Zayd Abad district, Wardak, which is located in the southwest of Kabul. Both Shahid and the Taliban said eight Taliban were killed in the attack.

the Pentagon and NATO has not confirmed the cause of the crash. However, if the Afghan official statement is true, this incident such as repeat incidents fall Chinook helicopter in June 2005 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. At that time, four members of Navy SEALs caught in unequal battle with hundreds of Taliban militias during running Operation Red Wing, a covert operation aimed at capturing one of the leaders of the Taliban.

When about to rescue the soldiers, Chinook helicopter which contains eight members of a special aviation regiment 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) and eight other members of the Navy SEALs, was shot down by Taliban militia with RPGs, killing everyone inside.

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