Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chinese Aircraft Carrier

. Sunday, August 14, 2011

China's first aircraft carrier, Shi Lang, which conducted its first sea trial to simulate landing fighter jets on Saturday (13 / 8) The Global Times reported.

Landing fighter jets carried out when weather conditions allow, but fighter jets take off in a moment near the aircraft carrier replaced the real landing, according to trusted sources quoted by The Global Times, Friday (12 / 8). The source adds jet fighter that used the local production of J-15 Flying Shark.

This simulation aimed to test the radar system and an optical landing aircraft carrier, after leaving the Dalian shipyard to begun sea trials. A Public Relations staff of the Ministry of National Defense declined to comment on the news the Global Times, he said there was no news about the aircraft carrier.

Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration made announcement Wednesday (10 / 8), prohibiting navigation and radio communications at a radius of 31.5 miles on Saturday (13 / 8) around the Bohai Sea Northeast. This led to speculation fighter jets will be tested on the carrier.

A few days earlier, August 10, 2011, China's first aircraft carrier, Shi Lang, left its shipyard at Dalian Port in northeast Liaoning Province on Wednesday (10 / 8) morning to start its first sea trial.

Chinese military sources said the first cruise in accordance with the schedule and did not take long. After returning from the sail aircraft carrier will in the refit and re-tested.

Aircraft carrier was originally built by the former Soviet Union and named Varyag. Construction began in the era-1980 and was discontinued in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union. Varyag was placed at the shipyard in Ukraine and was bought by a Chinese company based in Macao worth 20 million dollars in 1998.

The company claims Varyag converted into floating casino. Aircraft carrier arrived in Dalian shipyard for repair in March 2002, is expected to be operated the Navy around 2012.

China bought the ship without the machinery, weapons systems or other critical marine equipment. According to the news, China plans to buy four more aircraft carriers to strengthen their military.

Ships that do not yet given an official name, has made its first sea trial. Beijing says the ship will be used for training and research. China's ambition to operate the aircraft carrier sparked concerns from the neighboring countries. It is not free from tensions in the South China Sea.

Over the last few years, China is involved in the dispute territory along the South China Sea with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

(Photo sources: and Xinhua)


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