Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Funny Short Stories

. Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This funny story come from Eileen's family. When Allie, Eleen's daughter, got a new tape player, she handed her mother her old toy player, telling Eileen to give it to a child who didn't have one. Her mother suggested that Allie might want to keep it to give to her own little girl or boy someday.
" I'm never going to have a little girl or boy. Daddy won't even let us have a puppy or kitty-he'll never let us have kids."

Mabel's family also have a funny story. don't believe? See..
She was on her way out the door when her six-year old daughter asked to stay up a half hour later than usual. When refused, she burst into tears and headed to the living room where her husband was. He asked her why she was crying. When she didn't answer he asked,'Was it something wrong I did?'
'No,' she sobbed, 'it was that woman you married.'


One more a funny story from the other family: Christel. One morning I was having breakfast with my 3-year-old twin daughters. One of them was telling me what had happened to her doll the day before. the other one wanted to join in the conversation, but after 3 unsuccesful attempts she shouted :'Mom, don't interrupt me when I interrupt you!'


The other story from Susan. "My husband and I concluded that his several years at home with the children had been a great success. Then a friend asked our 4-year old son what he wanted to be when he grew up. Andre,my son, replied,' I want to be a mom- just like my dad.' "


The last funny story came from Diana. "My daughter Sarah, recently turned 10 years old. One night i tucked her in, she complained about aches and pains in her arms, legs, and necks. I told her it was nothing to worry about. She said, 'Mom, you don't understand'
'what don't I understand?' I asked.
'I m into double digits now!'


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