Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Microsoft KIN

. Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Microsoft apparently did not want to fall behind in the development of sophisticated gadgets. Microcoft perhaps inspired by the success of Apple iPhone and Google nexus one. Companies that dominate the field of software operating systems and applications, eventually introducing phones that are named Microsoft KIN.

Microsoft KIN specially designed to pamper those who are active in social networking. Microsoft has announced the presence of KIN and will be available in the United States market in May. Then Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK starting in August. This phone is manufactured by Sharp and will be distributed by Verizon Wireless (U.S. market) and Vodafone for the German market, Italy, Spain and England.

Microsoft introduced two models of KIN: KIN One and KIN Two. Size becomes the main differentiator of the two models of KIN. KIN One has a relatively small size and compact, so it's easy to put into the pocket. While KIN Two has bigger display and keyboard size. The memory and the camera resolution is also bigger and capable of recording high-definition video.

KIN One has 5 Mp camera resolution while KIN Two equipped with 8 Mp camera resolution with image stabilization. Both these phones have a touch screen plus a slide-out keyboard. Another feature called the Loop, Spot and Studio. Features it is claimed will make it easier for users of social networking sites continue to be active through KIN.

Loop is the main screen of the KIN. This screen will always display the latest things from your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking services. While Spot is a feature that makes it easy to share content across social networks. Any content including images, videos, web pages, location or status and the targeted people can be brought into the Spot, and KIN users can choose how to share content.

While Studio is a feature of mobile content storage to the Internet. Thus, users can access content KIN via any browser. KIN also features the Zune to listen to the music.


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If I were an exec at Microsoft, I'd be pretty concerned with what Apple is doing as well. Time to get after it!

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