Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to Face an Earthquake

. Sunday, June 27, 2010

Earthquake occurs suddenly and without warning. This that makes are often victims of falls: do not know what to do when earthquake comes. Principally, we must take refuge in a sturdy and safe place during an earthquake. We should be in place that can protect us from the ruins of the building. Very important to recognize the environment where we are and do not forget to pray.

When you are inside the house
1. Do not panic, run out if you can. If you can not get out, seek refuge under a sturdy table or beside a bed or sofa. If an earthquake occurred and we are not able to exit through the door, then lie down and curl up next to a sofa or large chair. Protect the head with a pillow or a thick book.
2. Stay away from the bookshelves, cupboard and window glass.
3. Beware of possible ceiling collapse, large mirror, the things that hung on the wall etc.

When you are outdoors
1. Stay away from high buildings, walls, steep cliffs, electricity and central electric poles, billboards, tall trees, etc..
2. Try to reach an open area.
3. Stay away from the shelves and window glass.

When you are in the common room
1. Do not panic and do not run outside because of the possibility of full of people.
2. Stay away from objects that easily slips like a shelf, cupboard and window glass, etc..

When you're driving a vehicle
1. Stop, but do not suddenly and pulled over slowly.
2. Do not stop on the bridge or under a bridge overpass/fly over. Stay away from places such as under bridges, power line, big trees or large signs and billboards.

Ok. Maybe you've your own tips based on your experiences. Please give a comment


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