Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul - The Octopus

. Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul the octopus is currently to be excellent World Cup in South Africa. His ability to guess the game that involves German team made the 'shocked'.
Paul claimed "passports" Germans since spent nearly his entire life in a big aquarium in the town of Oberhausen, Germany, even though he was born in England two years ago.

He first publicly recognized when 80 percent guessed about Germany matches in the Euro 2008 correctly. Paul's World Cup 2010 predictions even still 100 percent accurate. Even the surprising defeat of the Germans from Serbia in the group stage, "known" in advance by the octopus. Finally, what makes Paul more and fluttering his name was when he chose Spain rather than Germany in the semi-final match.

Paul prediction became reality after Spain stepped into the final with goals Carlos Puyol. Germany failed to maintain hope of a champion. The octopus paul successful maintain 100% record after returning predictions proved accurate. Germans lived six games in the World Cup in 2010. Six times Paul the octopus also predict the exact outcome.

To note, Paul did not predict without the lure of prizes. In two glass box that was given the flag team that will compete, also included mussels, which is one favorite food of octopus. What is paul prediction at the World Cup finals match? Do you believe with him?


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