Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Best and Free Image Hosting on the net

. Thursday, February 3, 2011

Image is very important for a site/blog. Users often search for pictures than articles. So, it is very important to always include image/pics in each post. An attractive and popular picture will increase the number of visits to a site.

After you create images that will be used on the blog, then the next step is to make storage of those images into the image hosting websites. There are many image hosting sites on the Internet which are free or pay cheap to get more features, such as Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, Free Image Hosting and so forth.

Image Hosting Site is a site that can be used for storage of image files so the image can be shared easily with others.

Here are review for some of the best image hosting sites on the Internet:

1. Google Picasa

The best free image hosting for blogger blogspot. As its name, this site is part of Google services for the web album. With a web album, you can easily organize your photos for publishing to the Internet. Web album make you easier to sharing your photos, friends/visitors can download your pictures easily. You can also easily display your photo in your blog or personal site you simply by including a link photos in Picasa Web Albums which will you show. For blogger blogspot, just click image menu icon to add image/pic to your post. Then find image location and upload. So easy.

Google Picasa also provide convenience to theu sers in various operations,such as see photos in full size, roll up quickly, rotate and enlarge photos, add captions,and add comments on the photos . You also easily search and browse the image/photographs which put others to the public in Picasa Web Albums community.

2. Photobucket
Photobucket provides free image hosting and free photo sharing as well. This site also provides image to Live Journal, Blog, blogger blogspot, Online Photo Album and so forth.

With the simple techniques of use, the site is very helpful if you want to put pictures on the internet to then distribute to friends, or family quickly and easily. You can also easily give and see the captions, tags, album titles, album locations, and album descriptions.

3. Flickr
Flickr is one of the best photo management and sharing application today. With the motto "Share your photos, Watch the world, this site aims to connect photo collection of people all over the the world so that it can be seen by everyone easily. Not only used to store the collection of photos, but Flickr can be used to showcase a collection of videos to others. Flickr also can be used to make the arrangement of personal photo collections and video which you enter with more neatly with its photo management capabilities.

4. Free Image Hosting
Free Image Hosting is a service provider site for web hosting dedicated linux based servers. It provides free bandwidth dedicated servers to all users. You are not required to register for its service, but by becoming a member, Free Image Hosting can facilitate you to manage your upload files and allow you get additional features.

In addition to the above site, there are many other sites that are used to store photos, such as immgur, Pictiger, iimmgg,, and so forth. There are also photo-sharing site that pays its members based on the number of photos's download / view by its visitors, such as


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