Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How To Find Blogs with CommentLuv Plugin Easily

. Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding backlinks is an activity that's often done by bloggers to do off page SEO and get more inbound links. To get backlinks, commenting on the other blogs is the most widely used.

To get high quality backlinks can be done by commenting on do follow blogs with similar themes. Blog with CommentLuv plugin as well-liked by bloggers. Due to comment on blogs like this, besides the name, will also be shown the last link of your blog postings.

If only blogwalking, then to find blogs with CommentLuv plugin would be very difficult and waste the time. There is easy and quick way to find do follow blogs with the ComLuv plugin.
The trick, open ComLuv.com from your browser. Then find the search box. Enter keyword in the Search box. Then press . List blogs using the plugin ComLuv will appear shortly.

You just choose blogs where you will give a comment. Click the link and write your comment on the entry.


Greg said...

Thanks for the information, my blog is cumluv, but never new of really looked deeply into the site. Appreciate the post.

Megan gorilla markets YOUR site said...

I love CommentLuv. I have only been using it for a short time but there does appear to be a correlation between the plugin and increased comments.

neferiti said...

I just found CommentLuv and think is a fantastic site. Haven't quite learned how to use it but I love the whole concept!

make money online said...

Great tips on backlinks i really needed some tips on this subject. All this do follow no follow is crazy. It world be so much easier if we all followed your example. GREAT BLOG one of the best i have read thankyou.

FreeMoneyMaker said...

Good post.I was just searching about this.Thanks D:-I will try this to make some valuable links back.

FreeMoneyMaker said...

Ya commentluv has introduces this facility for us.Its a great finding by andy,I love this.Now blog with commentluv plugin is now much easier to search.In my previous comment I was unaware about it.Thanks.

Adi said...

CommentLuv,..I love it ;)

Shannon said...

Just recently found out about Commentluv by visiting other blogs. I didn't realize it was a plug-in. It's awesome.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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