Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bomb Shake Oslo, the capital of Norway

. Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terrorists back in action. This time the terrorist action is in Scandinavia, precisely in Oslo, Norway.

Major explosion occurred at the government building in the center of the capital city of Norway, Oslo. The explosion also create damage to the office of Prime Minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg.

The explosion occurred at around 15:30 local time. As a result of this incident two people reportedly were killed and 8 injured. Latest news states the death toll increased to 7 people.

The explosion destroyed the windows of the building immediately, the location where Stoltenberg office. The pictures are displayed television showed debris and broken glass scattered on the ground. All roads lead to downtown is closed.

Norway Police confirmed Major explosion that destroyed the office of Prime Minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg from the bomb, maybe a car bomb attack. It is not yet ascertained actors and those responsible for the incident. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for this incident.

The violence in the capital city of Norway, Oslo continues. Several hours after the bomb blast incident in the office of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, mysteriously shooting action appeared. Police confirmed that a shooting occurred in Utoeya, an island south of Oslo.

Firing actors is a man dressed like a policeman. He shot wildly and hit a lot of people. As a result of the shooting at least five people were injured. Unclear whether the shooting was related to the explosion in Oslo.

image source: Reuters


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