Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beware of Solar Storms

. Wednesday, January 25, 2012

United States National Weather Service (NOAA) predicts the biggest solar storm since 2005 occurred on this day. Effects experienced by the Earth is a powerful radiation. Quoted from its site "A large geomagnetic storm (a type of solar storm) — the largest such storm since October 2003 — is currently underway."

According to NASA, the bursts of the solar corona (CME) will reach speeds of 2.253 km per second. These solar storms will touch the earth's upper atmosphere on Tuesday (24 / 1), approximately at 09:00 U.S. time. These solar storms will last for approximately 7 hours. NASA and NOAA categorizes this solar radiation storms reaching the S3 level (strong).

While the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) states, the weather will continue to rise in the earth from Tuesday to Wednesday (Jan-25). Bursts of solar radiation has the potential to isolate the computer systems that exist on earth satellites, damaging the electrical connections, and interfere with radio transmissions. In addition, this radiation will also affect humans who are in space and in altitude, such as on airplanes.

To deal with this radiation, a number of flights in the Arctic has been diverted. Then, launching a satellite into space also will be suspended, at least wait until the solar storms finished.

Meanwhile, the collision loaded particles with the energetic atoms in a layer of earth's thermosphere will produce Aurora around the Arctic circle. The solar storm will also interfere with GPS systems. While on Tuesday night, the sky will look a certain color and light which is the effect of these solar storms. At that time, a number of energetic particles will penetrate into Earth's atmosphere.


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