Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

. Thursday, May 6, 2010

Domain name is the address for your website, consists of two words are combined or separated by a dash (sign -). Domain name is also composed of a single word even more than two words combined.

Average domain names using the domain owner company name, there is also the use of their product names as domain names. Lately, many individuals who use domain names with their name, as the majority of their web site addresses used for the blog. The selection of good domain names is very important.

Before you have a website, so many things to remember before buying a domain name for your site. Here we try to give you tips in choosing a domain name:

1. Easy Spelled
The domain name should be easy to read and spell. Choose a domain name that easy to say, understood, and remembered. Sometimes you have to verbally tell someone your domain name, perhaps by telephone or radio and a domain name that vaguely looked like can be puzzling. Use a minus sign "-" for the connector as an alternative, for example already taken, is a good alternative.

2. Related to the content of your website
Name chosen should relate to the content of your website. Register and purchase a domain name that represents a company name, product name or theme of your website. This is a plus for you to promote your site among others.

3. Use the international domain name extension
Why is that? because of the use of international domain name extension makes your company easy to remember, the human mind, is a dot com domain name, if you are using. org will tend to assume as in the organization, if used to sell, will be different meanings. Choose a domain name that uses the extension. Com first because the most popular. When it was taken by someone else, you can use a domain other extensions such as. Net. Biz. or .Info.

4. Short but clear
The domain name chosen should be brief but clear, in order to make easy to remember. In many cases, domain names can contribute to increase sales and a good promotion tool.


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