Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tomb with a BMW M3

. Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tomb is actually quite simply decorated with wreaths and did not escape the name of the deceased etched on the stone inscription. However, for a maniac, need special award.

Mausoleum of this people guaranteed not to leave the impression bleak. Because the people who died in it, Steve Marsh (51) was a maniac cars, especially BMW. Blessed is he, when his family wanted to mark his death with a massive action. Want to know what? Yes, a BMW M3 is carved into the gravestone at the Marsh's cemetery.

After obtaining permission from the government of London, they have to import £ 50 000 granite from the Middle East, and make a replica of the BMW M3 in China. Weighing just reach one ton,wow, so it takes 20 people to put a replica of the BMW M3 on the tomb.

Not only the shape of the BMW M3 but the gravestone was also pinned to other details such as silver-painted lamps, full dashboard and small BMW logo on the four wheels and the special license plates that write Steve 1. Although the shape is smaller than a BMW M3 real, but the impression of luxury still attached to Steve's grave.


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