Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get Ready for Tornado

. Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hurricane tornado has returned two days after deadly tornado occurred in Joplin, Missouri. This time the tornado hits Oklahoma City, with at least 4 people have been killed in the disaster. Tornado in Oklahoma and its suburbans occurred at rush hour. The tornadoes began at about 3 p.m. in western Oklahoma. This storms make the offices and companies to let their employees go home earlier.

Get ready for tornado season. We must be more aware and continue to pay attention to weather radar or weather news service before going somewhere. we can also check via twitter before leave.

Tornado come from Tronada (Spain), Tonare (Latin) and is often known as the Twister and Willy-willy. From the definition of a tornado can be interpreted as a fast lap of an air column formed from cumuliform cloud that has touched the ground, usually appears as a funnel cloud and is often accompanied by hurricane winds and rain, lightning or hail. Most tornadoes are caused by a rotating thunderstorms with a regular circulation called meso cyclone.

Tornado formation can generally be seen on the things that happen on the storm scale, in and around meso cyclone. Temperature difference at the edge of the mass of air down around meso cyclone (the occlusion downdraft) closely related to the growth of a tornado. Most tornadoes can have a speed of more than 480 km / h, an average of 175 km / h or more (in the vicinity of the center may reach 100-200 meters / hour), with a height of ± 75 m, diameter normally ranges from tens to hundreds of meters . Generally occur in the afternoon to evening.

In the United States, tornadoes occur between the hours 15-21 LT. In most northern hemisphere tornadoes revolve anti clockwise, the opposite in the southern hemisphere clockwise swirl. Time course of the Tornado is usually only a few minutes. Tornado can occur anywhere in the world, but in high latitude areas the occurrence is usually in the spring or summer. United States has higher intensity of a tornado occurrence than other areas, especially in Western and Central of America.

Storm formation can be monitored by satellites and weather radar.With satellite and radar weather a seeds storm can be identified more quickly the potential strength and position. Observation results will be given to those in need, we will more easily find out through a weather news service. If a storm is predicted to have large-scale damage, the early warning signal will be sounded.


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