Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 21 the World will End. Really?

. Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doomsday prediction through mathematical calculations has surfaced again. Fundamentalist Christian circles who are members of a radio network in the United States says apocalypse sooner than previously thought.

Announcer Family Radio Worldwide in California, Harold Camping, calculate the end of the world. In conclusion, the doomsday occurred on Saturday, May 21, 2011. "There will be a big earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, the bodies thrown out of the grave," said Camping.

Major earthquake event will be followed by a horrific global chaos. Humans are still able to survive in an uncertainty atmosphere until the total destruction occurred on Saturday, October 21, 2011.

Forecast 89-year-old man is derived from the consideration mentioned in the Bible. Mentioned that the end of the world occurred 7,000 years after the great flood Noah. Doomsday also occurred on Saturday.

A survey conducted by The Salt Lake Tribune on this forecast showed 67 percent of Evangelical Christians believe in Camping. While 30 percent refused to believe. The rest did not know.

May 21, 2011 doomsday prophecy is precisely opposition from some other Christian circles. Quoting the words of Jesus in the Gospel Matheus, among repellent doomsday prophecy mentions unpredictable time.

In the same survey, 68 percent Protestant Christians don't believe in the end of the world occurred on May 21, while 30 percent claimed to believe. Catholic Christians are similar, as many as 61 percent don't believe in prophecy and only 34 percent who believe.

In fact, Camping has a bad reputation in the affairs of predicting apocalypse. This man had also predicted the end of the world occurred in 1994. But, of course, this prediction is not proven.

Camping not only make predictions, he is also raising funds to finance the apocalypse campaign through a billboard and advertising in mass media.
Who is Harold Camping? These are the facts about Camping.

1. Camping comes from Colorado
Camping was born in Colorado, the United States on July 19, 1921. When Camping little, his family later moved to California. He is school at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1942 and received his Civil Engineer.

2. Camping has starting Family Radio in 1958
After completing school, he founded the company Family Stations, Inc.. Three years later he made the Open Forum, the weekly show is broadcast live and guided by Camping. The listener may ask what about the verses in the Bible.

3. Camping was predicting the appointment of elected person at the end of the day
Camping has written over 30 books, one of them he wrote the book "1994?". He predicted the end of the day occurred in mid-September 1994. Camping prediction proved totally wrong.

4. Camping confident apocalypse occurred on May 21, 2011
In an interview in New York Magazine he remains convinced the doomsday will come on this May 21. "This must happen, God is not playing. And I'm sure the end of the day will occur," he said.

5. Camping's followers
Camping has many followers. Even some of the billboards supports Camping's prediction. One board was located in Bridgeton that read, "Judgement Day May 21, 2011".

Do you believe in Camping? I do not. I really do not believe in him. Doomsday will happen but we will never know the hour such as earthquakes, we know an earthquake will happen, but when? we never know. It is the secret of God, you never know what is actually there in front of us, and that's what makes life more interesting.


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