Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keyword Density and the Benefits for Bloggers

. Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keyword Density can be understood as the density or the number of keywords that are included in the content of a blog, or density level of keyword which is used as an indicator for the management of a blog. Conditions are almost the same as Keyword Stuffing. Generally, the bloggers are familiar with the term Keyword Density at the keyword research time.

The calculation is done by comparing the number of keywords that are detected by the total number of words per page. Furthermore, the Search Engines will read the keyword density starting one word, two words and so on. Then the results of the comparison is reported in percentage.

Which is better High or Low Percentage?
I think It's best to fit only. If your keyword density is only 0.00% then your blog is really not effective in search engine campaign. You just write for people but not for search engines. If your keyword density is too high, eg 70%, it also means bad because you over-pursue the search engines. Your page might get flagged for “keyword spamming". Keyword density should be balanced correctly.

Ideal Keyword Density
Each search engine has its own considerations. For Google mostly try to stay below 6%. While many other search engines like Yahoo! also have a percentage of its own. However, SEO experts have agreed to keep it up to 5%. Good Keyword Density is 3-5%. Search engines use keyword density to categorize a site's relevance and to determine which terms the site is relevant to the user needs.

How to Check Keyword Density
There are many tools to check keyword density. One of them is Webuildpages
1. Please go to Webuildpages Keyword Densty Checker
2. In the Ignore words specify the maximum number of words will be detected. Suppose you fill 3, then the tool will check up to 3 keywords. At the minimum content of the minimum number of findings per keyword. Suppose you fill 2, then the tools to report only those keywords that are found at least 2 times.
3. Check it all out for density analysis meta tags as well and click Submit.
4. Reports will appear underneath.

To be sure, not all tools provide the same results, because it can not be said to be completely accurate. You can only regard it as a prediction. You may also use to see your seo level.

You also can check keyword density by your self with a simple step
= Number of repetition of keywords / total words *100%

* Copy & Paste website content into the word processing program like MS-Word
* Next on the menu 'Edit' click 'Select All'. Then to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Word Count' to display the number of whole words.
* Then do the 'Find-Replace' words keywords to find the number of keywords contained in the contents.
* Calculate the percentage of the total number of keywords to an existing word.
* Make modifications as necessary. Done.


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