Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Ready for the iPhone 5

. Friday, June 24, 2011

Less than a year the iPhone 4 was released to the market, the the new iPhone called the iPhone 5 will begin to outstanding. Mentioned in the China Times report that the new iPhone 5 prototype is currently entering a period of trial production. Devices that will clad the metal chassis is said to have been equipped with a better antenna technology. One part that gets the attention of Apple, according to the report, is the problem of antenna into force on the iPhone 4. On the iPhone 5 no matter the strength of connections dropped due to attenuation at the lower ends in held.

iPhone 5 features
China Times also said that the iPhone 5 design will use the wider screen, which is 4 inches. Reportedly, the screen size plus a current of 3.5 inches to 4 inches without increasing the overall size of the device, but reduce the size of the bezel or frame. The iPhone has 5 possible use dual-core processor Apple A5. The processor -that was first used on the iPad 2- offers speed the process of computing than Apple's nine-fold A4 in use today.

The report also reinforces previous rumors that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with near field communication (NFC) chip. With this technology, users can perform transactions directly with iPhone 5. They just put the gadget closer to the pay device based on wireless communications.

Earlier, The New York Times quoted two different sources stating that Apple has plans to add the NFC chip to the smartphone product. However, there is no confirmation whether it will be starting the iPhone 5.

With many new features many people have been waiting for its presence. But when will iphone 5 come out ? Many analysts believe that release date for iphone 5 is early September 2011.


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