Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sony PlayStation Vita

. Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After getting a lot of problems, Sony has trying to get up. On Monday, in the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Japanese company has launched a portable game console called the PlayStation Vita.

Sony PlayStation Vita is a touch screen console that recognizes the player movement. This console will shift the PlayStation Portable and is scheduled to go on sale on winter vacation.

PlayStation Vita allows players to connect with another through cellular networks and Wi-Fi. In addition, it also has a location tracking technology with GPS. In the United States, Sony is collaboration with mobile operator AT & T.

According to Sony's officials, Vita is the greatest console since the launch of PlayStation 3 in five years ago. Wi-Fi version will be priced U.S. $ 249, while the full version with cellular connection will be sold $ 299.

Vita has a camera on the front and back, touch screen, and touchpad on the back, and a joystick as a button. Players can play games against those who use the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network, a network that was hijacked by hackers few time ago.


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