Monday, September 5, 2011

Tropical storm Talas Hits Western Japan

. Monday, September 5, 2011

Tropical storm Talas has hit western Japan and killed at least 24 people and 54 missing. Storm Talas, a deadly typhoon that struck Japan over the last few years. Talas is blowing about 108 kilometers per hour. River which flows also bring building materials and landslides that hoard hundreds of homes.

Local authorities reported, in Nara Prefecture, a ruined apartment that causes two people were killed and seven people remain missing. In the village of Totsukawa, Nara province, floods washed away 11 people in two houses. Four people were rescued but one later confirmed dead. 7 other people still missing.

Three people were killed and 19 missing in the prefecture. Flooding and landslides killed some more people in other regions in western and southern Japan.

While in Kansai prefecture and surrounding areas, 30.000 residents successfully evacuated.

In Wakayama Prefecture, 12 people were reported killed and 29 people remain missing. A person drowned while trying to rise to the top of his car and a man were also killed after being hit by a landslide. In the city of Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture, a landslide destroyed three homes early Sunday morning. One person was killed and four people missing. Police said nine people are confirmed dead and 32 still missing in the prefecture.

More than 100 people injured in areas hit by the storm. Until now, the tropical storm Talas has been slowly moving toward the north in the Sea of Japan (East Sea). According to agency data tropical storm that hit Japan in October 2004, when 98 people were killed, while a hurricane in September 2004 killed 46 people.


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