Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook Review

. Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook,ipad competitor
Coming a few weeks before the BlackBerry World Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, US, 2011 3rd-5th May, the BlackBerry Playbook has finally officially distributed. The first tablet made by Research In Motion (RIM) Canada has began to be enjoyed by consumers, on Tuesday (2011,19th April).

BlackBerry Playbook indeed been heralded comes with advanced features for professional users. The tablet is also claimed the most support current web content, including full support Flash. BlackBerry Playbook can also function as a partner for the BlackBerry because of its tethering feature to display the email, calendar, and other information available on a BlackBerry smartphone users.

BlackBerry Playbook,ipad competitor,GalaxyTabs competitor
RIM to give this tablet prices the same as its competitors. Currently only available WiFi model only with the price of US$ 499 for a model with a capacity of 16 GB; US$599 for 32 GB, and US$ 699 for 64 GB.

Playbook uses dual-core processor 1GHz. Playbook hardware combined with a good skill. Tablet 7 inch screen is smaller so it feels portable. Not too heavy and not too light, feels a quality product when held.

Playbook user interface-based operating system called QNX has fast and smooth performance. The ability to run Flash-based website is also satisfy.

Unfortunately, the Playbook can only access email when integrated with BlackBerry devices. Playbook be a sort of extension of the BlackBerry mobile phones for features such as email, BlackBerry Messenger and contacts. This feature is not available in the Playbook without paired with the phone via Bluetooth.

In its niche market there is iPad, which is the dominant tablets and sold 15 million units in 2010. This figure is considered very difficult to achieve by the Playbook, so its realistic target is to compete with Motorola Xoom or Galaxy Tab.


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