Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nissan Leaf, the World Car of the Year 2011

. Saturday, April 23, 2011

Electric cars made by Nissan Motor Company, Nissan Leaf, won World Car of the Year 2011 in the annual 7th World Car Award in New York, United States, on Thursday (21 / 4). The first electric cars mass-produced aside Audi A8 sedan and BMW 5 Series. After going through many stages, electric cars Nissan LEAF has finally took the best car in the world. The success of this environmentally friendly car won the best car in world title as a momentum of Earth Day celebrations which celebrated on 22 April.

The award is a new sign for the car that claimed the latest high-performance and fuel efficient that is currently on display in the title of New York Auto Show 2011. In addition to conventional-engined cars, in the exhibition also exhibited a number of electric and hybrid cars.

The jury assess Nissan Leaf has a unique platform and body. Nissan Leaf's Lithium-ion and electric motor capable of producing 108 hp and torque of 206 lbft. This hatchback has 5 seats and capable of racing 00-60 miles / hour in 11.5 seconds and top speed of 90 miles per hour mph. Nissan claims the car is able to travel more than 100 miles with a full battery.

Election the best car is made by 66 automotive journalist from around the world every year. Previous winner was the Volkswagen Polo (2010), Volkswagen Golf (2009), Mazda2/Mazda Demio (2008), Lexus LS460 (2007), BMW 3-Series (2006), and Audi A6 (2005).

While the category of World Car Design of the Year, Aston Martin RAPIDE won this award after removing 51 other contestants. Aston Martin RAPIDE became the new generation car after the previous best design were won by Chevrolet Camaro (2010), Fiat 500 (2009), Audi R8 (2008), Audi TT (2007) and the Citroen C4 (2006).

And for World Green Car category, the Chevrolet Volt be the greenest car. Previous winners are Volkswagen Bluemotion (2010), Honda FCX Clarity (2009), BMW 118d with Efficient Dynamics (2008), Mercedes-Benz E320 BlueTEC (2007) and Honda Civic Hybrid (2006).

Increasingly high prices of gasoline or other fuels make car owners more and more concern about fuel consumption figures. Car owners are also now more aware about the carbon emissions produced by cars.
Fuel consumption average
1. Nissan LEAF, electric car, is equivalent to 42.08 km per liter
2. Chevy Volt, electric car, equivalent to 39.5 km per liter
3. Toyota Prius,hybrid car, 21 km per liter
4. Lexus 200h CT 17.8 km per liter
5. Honda Insight 17.4 km per liter
6. Ford Fusion Hybrid 16.58 km per liter
7. VW Golf TDI 14.4 km per liter
8. Hyundai Elantra 14.0 km per liter
9. Fiat 500 14.0 km per liter
10. Ford Focus 13.17 km per liter


Joshua's Law said...

Nissan leaf is one of the best innovative product released in recent years, but comparing this type of vehicle with hybrid, plug-in hybrid looks odd, so we should develop a new pattern where we can list every type of car like the energy consumption rate per every 100miles vs emissions.

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