Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Beetle- The 21st Century Beetle

. Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of the automotive icon will be seen in 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, April 19 to 28. New Beetle has been launched in Berlin, Germany,celebrated with the MTV World Music Concerts enlivened by the Belgian duo "2manydjs" , then followed in Shanghai, China with a special celebration by MTV VJ. And then New York, USA. In New York, the presence of the the 21st century Beetle will be highlighted by The Black Eyed Peas, while in Berlin by the Belgian duo, '2manydjs'.

Some photo released by VW, a few days ago, it looks new Beetle is more roomy and loaded with advanced technology. Beetle is now more roomy, more length, width New Beetle increased 8.4 centimeters (cm) and 15.2 cm in length increases. Baggage volume reached 310 liters. VW also redesigned interior in response to criticism from the display and the Beetle interior dimensions, particularly for dashboard design and the lack of rear space.

The latest technology that is included such as keyless access, sunroof, satellite navigation system devices, Bi-Xenon lights, and Light emitting diode (LED) that can be lit throughout the day. In addition, VW complete with start-stop device for more economical fuel consumption.

Its plan, in the global market, new beetle is offered in three trim Beetle, Design, and Sport. All three options are provided in several engine variants, from 1600 cc - 2,000 cc, with manual transmission and automatic transmission with six levels of speed.


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