Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready for Microsoft Windows 8?

. Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Microsoft has been preparing its next generation operating system that is said to be named Windows 8. Preview version of Windows 8 has been released for developer partners. However, some information leaked to media.

One is the user interface feature called the ribbon. Looks like a menu that is used in Microsoft Office. Drop down menu is replaced with a toolbar at the top. Ribbon in Office was originally designed to make all features easily accessible so that users be more productive.

However, the use of ribbon on the display of the operating systems have different purposes. One of them allows users on a touch screen-based devices. Previously, Microsoft did state that the next Windows version will fully support the tablet device.

Nevertheless, the appearance of Ribbon is uncertain whether it will be used in the final version or not. Judging from its shape, it's still early development stage and not the final version which will be used by Microsoft.

In addition to the ribbon feature, the user interface of Windows 8, also featuring the Metro design used on Windows Phone. The user interface displays the hours and days, including the iconic power management and ease of access to applications.


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